Atap Surya Is Your Most Trusted Partner for Solar Energy Solutions.

We care !

Atap Surya Is Your Most Trusted Partner for Solar Energy Solutions.

We care !


Atap Surya is a solar energy technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2019, Atap Surya is an EPC that provides cutting-edge, integrated renewable energy solutions at competitive prices with high quality products and best in market services.
Since the establishment, Atap Surya has engineered PV system solutions and installed many projects across Indonesia. Our management team is a multi national team with more than 50 years collective experience in project design, implementation and project management. We partner with top global equipment suppliers with substantial experience in solar energy solutions. We have also partnered with several Indonesian banks for your financing convenience.

Vision & Mission

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Vision :
To be a leader in Indonesia’s transformation to green and clean solar energy

Mission :
To create a greener, safer, and healthier Indonesia for us and our children using Solar Energy

Why use Solar Energy System?

Long System Lifetime with Short Payback.

The payback period is around 6-8 years while the system engineered lifetime is around 25
years with minimum performance of 80-85% nominal power.

Green Sustainable Energy.

Going solar will help save up to 80% of your Carbon Emission compared fossil fuel
electricity. Less carbon emission will protect our Environment for future generations.

Maintenance-Free System.

Only thick dust layers hinders the solar panels performance. During rainy season, no action is required as the rain will wash out any dust. During dry season, just spray the panels with water once every other week.

Reduce your electricity bill

Every year Electricity price goes up Stabilize your electricity bill and help yourself against
ever rising electricity costs.

Why Atap Surya ?

We value our mission and believe in it and for that we need to earn your trust. We don’t only want to sell you a solar system. We also want you and we need you to believe in it and become an ambassador of green energy. For that we will advise you honestly with what a solar system will achieve to you. We will make you the best design and procure to you the best in market products in the best prices possible. We will make sure that you will be able to handle the system with the minimum effort and that you have access to us if there is any issue.
We will take care of the process from A to Z in the most comfortable way.
With our focus on Quality and Reliability to deliver the best systems, you are in safe hands
with us.

Management Team




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We take pride in every project we have done. we have grown a lot our work years
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What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word, hear it from our clients. Client happiness is our utmost priority.

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This form will help us estimate your current energy profile and evaluate what opportunities you can realize with a solar system. We will later need to evaluate the available space on your roof as well as other parameters such as the roof tilt , orientation and shading.
We respond in 48- 72 hours and provide you with a proposal.


    For ongrid, battery backup is only needed in case a specific load need 24/7 power with 100% availability


    - Co-founder and Commissioner of PT Pinnacle Optima Partner, a leading construction Company

    - Co-founder and CEO of Inovasi Partners, a Company focusing in investments in technology startups

    - Co-founder and former CEO of PT KIN which was one of the largest  tower companies in Indonesia

    - Co-founder and Commissioner of Servio Serviced Office, a serviced office provider

    - Co-founder and Director of PT Tara Telco Indonesia. Worked as an auditor at PWC.

    Graduated from Gadjah Mada University with a degree in accounting


    -  More than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry

    - Co-founder of PT Atap Surya Nusantara, PT Tara Energy Corp, PT Taratelco  providing services to the telecommunication industry and PT KIN Towers which was one of the leading Tower companies in Indonesia.

    -  Safti graduated from Indonesian Islamic University in Yogyakarta, majoring in Industrial Engineering Management.


    -  Around 20 years of experience in project management, operations and maintenance in multinational companies in the telecom and energy sectors.

    -  Co-founder of PT Atapsurya and PT Tara Energy Corp.

    -  International Business Developer for ADENFI France specializing in renewable energy projects financing.

    -  Director in TSME LTD for the supply and repair of Telecom Equipment.

    -  Mustafa Studied Electrical Engineering in the American University of Beirut and Business Administration for Engineering Managers in Manchester Business School.


    - 30 years in leading technical and project management experience in multinational companies in the telecom and energy industries.

    - Worked as a consultant in many high level projects in Indonesia and Europe. Co-founder of PT Atapsurya and PT Tara Energy Corp.

    - Has a Diploma in system engineering from the University of  Kaiserslautern in Germany and Masters from the University of Montpellier in France.


    - Co-founder and Director of PT Pinnacle Optima Partner, a leading construction Company.

    - Previous Co-founder and Head of Finance of PT KIN, one of the largest tower companies in Indonesia.

    - Co-founder and Director of PT Tara Telco Indonesia providing services to the telecommunication industry.

    - Worked as an auditor at PWC. Graduated from Gadjah Mada University with a degree in accounting.