Energy Efficiency and Assessment

Energy Efficiency

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Energy Assessment

  • Energy Assessment is an in-home energy audit that helps homeowners better understand their energy usage holistically. A few of the home energy assessment functions include how much energy your home uses, where your home is losing the most power, and where to implement energy-saving opportunities. The end goal with these home energy efficiency assessments is to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home and to find money-saving opportunities.
  • A home energy audit/assessment can be conducted at any time, and it is especially helpful to have it done before or even during renovations. One of the major benefits of having an energy audit done in your home is that it allows you to make airtightness improvements easily; as part of the test – the blower door test – checks for and identifies air leakage locations, and determines how much air is being exchanged in your home per hour. This allows you to directly target problem areas, and can save you from the headache of misspending money on areas that are not going to benefit your energy bills very much.